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2015年7月出版『被爆樹巡礼~Atomic Bombed Trees in HIROSHIMA』


s617uiH0lXlL__SX351_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 「被爆樹(ひばくじゅ)」を知っていますか?


Do you know"Atomic Bombed Trees"?
At 8:15 a.m, August 6,1945,Hiroshima was burned by the blazing heat of the atomic bomb. It had been rumored that"nothing will grow in Hiroshima for 75 years", so when people saw new buds sprouting,they were encouraged and were able to have hope for their future. These trees were burned by the atomic bomb within about two kilometers from the hypocenter but survived and aprouted new leaves. These trees have been registered as "A-bombed trees "by the City of Hiroshima. I introduce A-bombed trees in this book.

This year Postwar 70. I want to tell many people of the world about A-bombed trees in Japan.It will be that trees continue existing as "living witness". In the times of your children,and your childrens children and .......The young plants of A-bombed trees is growing up in many schools and the facilities in Japan and the world countries.

Please visit and look up these trees.

A-bombed trees tell you their memorial of that summer day, and 70 years of regeneration that have passed since.

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