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2016facebookページ「被爆樹巡礼A-Bombed Trees in Hiroshima」を始めました

IMG_1224Hibaku zakura_R_R_R.JPG 【facebookページのお知らせ】
Do you know Atomic Bombed Trees?

  「被爆樹巡礼A-Bombed Trees in Hiroshima」 





Do you know Atomic Bombed Trees?
At 8:15 a.m., August 6,1945, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Since it had been rumored that "nothing will grow in Hiroshima for the next 75 years", when people saw new buds sprouting, they were encouraged and were able to find hope for their future. "They are alive! We can also continue to live in Hiroshima! ". About 170 trees have been registered as "Atomic Bombed Trees" by the City of Hiroshima. These trees that grew about 2 kilometers from the hypocenter were burned by the atomic bomb but survived and sprouted new leaves. Photos of about 170 trees will be displayed at the facebook page..Photographs & Text : RIEKO SUGIHARA Born in Hiroshima, Japan. Essayist, poet. tree@rieko-sugihara.com

Photo:Yoshino Cherry(Hibaku-sakura)in Hiroshima City Hall
This tree survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, about 1050m from the hypocenter.
広島市役所のソメイヨシノ 樹齢70年以上 爆心地からの距離1150メートル(被爆後、移植)