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№2 頼山陽史跡資料館のクロガネモチ Round Leaf holly in Hiroshima

The young plants of round Leaf holly is growing up after five years of atomic bomb,in the garden of Rai Sanyo Shiseki Museum.
410m from the hypocenter

sricho1,08.8.2 220raisanyo.jpgsricho1,08.8.2 222raisanyo2.jpg

被爆樹巡礼 A-Bombed Trees
学名:Ilex rotunda


DATA of A-Bombed Trees
tree species:round Leaf holly
botanical name:Ilex rotunda
410m from the hypocenter
◎age:? years old
◎address:Fukuro-machi,Naka-ku,Hiroshima city
◎5minute walk from the A-bomb Dome. (photographing date:Aug,2011)

This round Leaf holly planted plante here many years ago.The tree was burned down by the A-bombing on August 6,1945,only with its stump left.However,in 1949, the stumb miraculously sprouted again and has grown about 5 meters.