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№3 こども文化科学館東側のシダレヤナギ Willow in Hiroshima

This willow has survived only one , when Hiroshima was burned by the atomic bomb on August 6,1945.
450m from the hypocenter

sIMG_4840willow kodomo1.jpgsIMG_4845willow kodomo2.jpg

被爆樹巡礼 A-Bombed Trees


今は子どもたちが科学を気軽に楽しめる場となっている、子ども文化科学館。当時はこの辺りには西練兵場があり、外周にはぐるりとヤナギの木が植えられていました。原爆が落とされた後、その中で、たった一本だけ生き残ったヤナギです。原爆投下直後、水のあるこの辺りには大勢の人が水を探し求めて歩きました。水を飲みながら死んでしまった人、「水がほしい」と嘆きながら水を口にできずに死んだ人もたくさんいました。 ヤナギの木は忘れることはありません、70年前のあの日のことを、命がある限り。

DATA of A-Bombed Trees
tree species:willow
botanical name:Salicaceae
450m from the hypocenter
◎age:? years old
◎address:Motomachi 5,Hiroshima city
◎10 minute walk from the A-bomb Dome.
(photographing date:Aug,2011)

This willow is standing in the very near place from the hypocenter. On August 6,1945,when Hiroshima was burned by the blazing heat of the atomic bomb, burning all other trees,this willow has survived only one in this place.It had been rumored that"nothing will grow in Hiroshima for 75 years", so this sight rekindled courage and hope in many who were close to despair.
70 years ago,many people wanted to drink the water,so they came searcing for water.But They were not able to drink water.Men and women and children went dead. Now this willow is standing near the fountains. This willow will never forget that day 70 years ago , and as long as there is life.

sIMG_4841willow kodomo.jpg