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№4白神社(しらかみしゃ)のクスノキ Camphor in Hiroshima

This camphor survived anyone in the burnt field which disappeared.
490m from the hypocenter

sricho1,08.8.2 227shirakami kusu1.jpg

被爆樹巡礼 A-Bombed Trees
学名:Cinnamomum camphora
◎所在地:広島県中区基町7-24 白神社内
◎会いに行くには:広島駅より路面電車「紙屋町経由広島港」行き、「袋町」 で下車、徒歩1分


DATA of A-Bombed Trees
tree species:Camphor
botanical name:Cinnamomum camphora
490m from the hypocenter
◎age:? years old
◎address:Shirakami-sha,Motomachi 14,Hiroshima city
◎In tram from Hiroshima Station, "Fukuro-machi" get off,1minute walk.
(photographing date:Aug,2008)

The Camphor is standing in near the place from the hypocenter.It had been rumored that"nothing will grow in Hiroshima for 75 years", so this sight rekindled courage and hope in many who were close to despair.